Life Lessons From Prison 6

Doug Jansson


Description:When we look around at our prison of financial struggle, broken relationships or temptation, it's easy to ask God, "Isn't there another way? Isn't there another option besides this prison cell?"In the last part of LIfe Lessons From Prison, Doug talks about what we do when it seems like it's God's will that we spend some time in a prison.

Life Lessons From Prison 5

Doug Jansson


Description:When we become desperately low in our prison cell there is a question that we are tempted to ask God. We aren't proud of this question. We may not admit to anyone that we are even thinking it. The question goes something like this - "Are you really God or not."The reason we ask this question is because we believe that either God is God and He will get us out of our prison or He isn't God and we will stay confined. Could it be though, that God is God and sometimes we end up in a prison? Can both be true? Doug answers these questions and more in Life Lessons From Prison Part 5.

Life Lessons From Prison 4

Doug Jansson


Description:Sometimes following Jesus comes with a cost. What do we do when following Jesus means we might end up in some type of prison? Although we probably won't end up in a literal prison, maybe we end up in the prison of lost popularity or lost relationships because we follow God. What will we do? Will we still stand for God? If we end up paying a price to follow Jesus than why should we do?In Part 4 of Life Lessons From Prison, Doug talks about what to do when there's a price to pay to follow Jesus and why it's worth it to pay it!

Life Lessons From Prison 3

Doug Jansson


Description:It's easy for bitterness to set in when we end up in some sort of prison. When we end up in a prison of financial difficutly we may get bitter at God for allowing us to be stuck there. When we are stuck in a prison of pain it's easy to let unforgiveness toward the person who hurt us grip our hearts. How do we let get of bitterness toward God and unforgiveness toward others?In Life Lessons From Prison Part 3, Doug not only encourages us to forgive but helps us see HOW to do it! We will discover something in Scripture that enables us to forgive and keep our hearts bitter-free.

Life Lessons From Prison 2

Doug Jansson


Description:Often when we feel like we're stuck in a prison our relationship with God takes a hit. We wonder why He's allowing this difficult situation. We feel like He's not listening or paying attention. Many times we are tempted to turn our back on God during these times.What if we could stay close to Him in the prison? What if we could be closer to God in the prison than anywhere else?! In Part 2 of Life Lessons From Prison, Doug talks about how to stay close to God in the middle of our darkest hour and helps us see why we should.

Life Lessons From Prison 1

Doug Jansson


Description:At one point or another we all end up feeling restricted, confined and almost imprisoned by certain things in life. Fear, unfulfilled expectations, broken relationships and many other things can make us feel like prisoners.In Life Lessons From Prison, we look at the lives of people in the Bible who literally were prisoners. What we can learn from them will help us navigate the prisons we find oursleves in.

The Mess

Andrew Muller


Description:Sometimes life can be messy. There are obstacles and struggles we find ourselves in all the time. But what is the root behind these messes? Do we have to face these alone?In this one part message, Andrew talks about the heart issue behind common struggles, and how being real with those around us can help us better conquer these struggles in our lives.

No Doubt About It (Part 5)

Doug Jansson


Description:"You're ugly." "You're fat." "You will never measure up." These kinds of comments tend to stick with us and mess with our identity.When we don't know what God says about who we are and how valuable we are to Him, we try to find our identity in all kinds of places. We look for it in status, stuff and money. Some of us try to distract ourselves from our wounds instead all finding out who God really made us to be.In Part 5 of No Doubt About It, Doug reminds us where we find our identity and how valuable we are to God.

No Doubt About It (Part 4)

Doug Jansson


Description:Sometimes because of our suffering, the temptations we face and the darkness of the world around us, we forget the powerful truth that God wins. No matter what we are feeling and despite what people around us might say - God wins!In Part 4 of No Doubt About It, John Contes joins Doug on stage to talk about what it looks like to live in the reality that God wins. John and Doug take some lives questions throughout this encouraging discussion.

No Doubt About It (Part 3)

Doug Jansson


Description:In Part 3 of No Doubt About It, Doug gives us 6 more pieces of evidence to support the truth that Jesus Is Alive! We hope that this message strengthens your faith and gives you answers for friends who might struggle to belive that Jesus is alive.

No Doubt About It (Part 2)

Doug Jansson


Description:Did Jesus actually rise back from the dead? It's hard to believe this sometimes! Many of us find ourselves at different levels of doubt that this could actually be true.In Part 2 of our series, Doug gives us 4 pieces of evidence that help us believe that no doubt about it - Jesus is alive!

No Doubt About It (Part 1)

Doug Jansson


Description:There are many things in life that cause us to be suspicious. It's hard to be certain of too many things.In part one of our new 4 week series, Doug talks about something that God has made true of us that there is absolutely no doubt about!


Kevin Duarte


Description:Check out this one part message by our college community group leader, Kevin Duarte!


Vincent Pavone


Description:Blaming others comes easy to us Pointing blame to others is as old as the human race. It is so easy to blame God for all the bad things in this world. Sometimes we have to ask "Why?"


Doug Jansson


Description:It's easy to take things for granted isn't it? There are many things in life we simply don't appreciate. One of the things we probably don't appreciate like we should is our relationship with God.Difficulties impact our appreciation for what God has done for us. Some of us act as if we are "too use" to the story of Jesus and therefore we don't value it like we should. Others of us have simply forgotten how good we have it. We have forgotten that people didn't always have the access and closeness with God that we do today.In this one part message, Doug's goal is to stir up that appreciation of what Jesus has done for us.

Road Trip (Part 2)

Doug Jansson


Description:In Road Trip Part 2, Doug talks about the exciting new road trip our church will be going on in this next season!!!


Doug Jansson


Description:There are many things that we are powerless to do. We can't heal many of the sicknesses our loved ones have. We are also often powerless to find leading in life because we don't know what tomorrow holds. We are powerless to save ourselves. We're also powerless to refresh our souls which are often weary and beat up.In our Easter message, Doug talks about what happens when God's power meets our powerlessness!

Road Trip (Part 1)

Doug Jansson


Description:We live in a broken world. Our bodies ache. People we love hurt us. We battle all kinds of struggles. Our dreams don't always come true. How do we not lose heart?In this one part message, Doug helps us discover the Apostle Paul's secret for living a joyful and fruitful life in a broken world.

A Greater Glory (Part 3)

Doug Jansson


Description:Doing things God's way can seem really difficult. Sometimes we have problems with our will. We just don't want God like we wish we did. We don't want to do things His way like we should.Other times we have trouble with our actions. We honestly want to live for God's glory, but our actions fall short. We aim at obeying and enjoying God, but we end up failing.In A Greater Glory Part 3, Doug helps us see the answer to our will and action issues.

The Twenty Third

Joey Leuci


Description:Do you think you have God all figured out? Do you understand how He works? In our lives, often our circumstances and emtions can lead us to form our own view of who we think God is. So what happens when things are rough? The way we view God matters! Joey helps us unpack this in his message "The Twenty Third."

A Greater Glory (Part 2)

Doug Jansson


Description:We often believe that living for God's glory is going to be absolutley miserable! The more boring and painful something is, the more holy it must be, right? Wrong!!In Part 2 of, A Greater Glory, Doug talks about what he believes is the best way to glorify God - by enjoying Him.

A Greater Glory (Part 1)

Doug Jansson


Description:The default mode for every one of us is to live for our own glory. We do this when we try to make a name for ourselves or when we create our own little god out of something like money, stuff, sex, relationships or our jobs. The problem with living for our own glory is that it's just too small! It falls short! It doesn't work!In Part 1 of our new series, A Greater Glory, Doug challenges us to live for a greater glory than our own and helps us see the satisfaction that comes from it.

Our Potential

Doug Jansson


Description:God wants to use you. He has gifted you to do many different things that will make a difference in people's lives. There are many people to be reached! You are designed to play a part in reaching them!In this one part message, Doug talks about how God has uniquely gifted each of us to come together and reach our potential.

Objections Part 3

Doug Jansson


Description:Have you ever had an objection to something you found in the Bible? Maybe you found something that seemed like a contradiction. Or perhaps you found some verses that made it seem like God endorses things like slavery or polygamy.In Objections Part 3, Doug talks about what to do when we have objections with God's Word.

Objections Part 2

Doug Jansson


Description:Unanswered prayer is incredibly discouraging. It can make it difficult to trust that God is near. It can cause us to doubt His love or even His existence. So what do we do with unanswered prayer?In Part 2 of, Objections, Doug talks about how we handle unanswered prayer.

Objections Part 1

Doug Jansson


Description:We all have objections with God at different points in our lives. One of the biggest objections we have has to do with pain. It's very easy to disaprove of how God is handling things when we suffer. It's easy to let pain build a wall beween us and God. It's common to let our hearts get angry and bitter toward Him.The truth is though, we don't have to build a wall or get angry and bitter. We can actually get closer to Him during these times. But that's only possible if we learn how to deal with our objection of pain. In part 1 of this new series, Doug shows us the answer is to our objection of pain.


Vincent Pavone


Description:In this one part message, Pastor pavone talks about how Jesus Christ took all that we deserve while giving us all that He deserves. The essence of eternal life is knowing. Knowing the One true God and the One whom God sent.The ultimate destiny for which we have been rescued is to see God and take pleasure in His Majesty and Glory.

Blending In (Part 2)

Doug Jansson


Description:God wants to use you. He has placed you in a specific school, office and neighborhood to draw people to Him. Though we won't get things right all the time, God wants to use our lives to stand out.When it comes to things like anger, lust, unforgiveness and judging others, will we blend in or stand out? Will we act just like our co-workers and class mates, or will we shine in a way that gets their attention?It part 2 of, Blending In, Doug talks about what could happen if we stand out and reminds us what to do when we mess up.

Blending In (Part 1)

Doug Jansson


Description:It's way easier to blend in than it is to stand out. It's much simpler to just go through life living like everyone around us does. Jesus calls us to more than that. He calls us to stand out. The most important way we are supposed to stand out also happens to be the most difficult way to stand out - by the way that we love. Christians are supposed to be known by our love.In part 1 of, Blending In, Doug helps us see why love is so important, who we are to love and how we get the strength to love even the most difficult people.

Continue On (Part 2)

Doug Jansson


Description:Have you ever felt like giving up on God because of your fears about following Him, your doubts about if He's there, or because of your own shortcomings? We all deal with these struggles from time time. We tend to think that they are proof that we just don't measure up as followers of Jesus. We feel that somehow, our faith has failed and the best thing to do is just give up.In part 2 of, Continue On, Doug helps us see that our fears, doubts and failures don't mean that our faith has failed. Not only does Jesus invite us to continue on as we wrestle with these struggles, He wants to enter into these struggles with us and help us overcome them.

When Darkness Falls

Kelly Jansson


Description:Discouragement and depression can seemingly come out of nowhere and cripple you. What do you do when you walk through a dark season? How do you walk through a dark season with someone that you care for?In this one part message, Kelly gives us practical and relevant insight from God's Word that gives us hope for when darkness falls.

Continue On (Part 1)

Doug Jansson


Description:Whether you are excited about 2017 or fearful about it because 2016 was a tough year, there is one common thing we all should do this year - continue on in Jesus.Why continue on in Jesus? The culture around us tells us Jesus is outdated, ineffective and offensive. Why continue on in Him?What if encouragement, wisdom, knowledge, strength, strong relationships, stability, thankfulness and knowing God better are all wrapped up in continuing on in Jesus in 2017?

When It Feels Like God Doesn't Love Me

Doug Jansson


Description:Have you ever felt like God doesn't love you? Maybe life has been really difficult and you ask why a loving God would let you go through such hard times. Maybe God hasn't responded how you wanted Him to and that has made you doubt His love. Maybe you are disappointed in yourself and that has made you feel unworthy of God's love.In this one part message, Doug points us to the proof that God loves us no matter what we may feel.

Last Christmas

Doug Jansson


Description:Many of us came into the 2016 Christmas Season with struggles we would love to say goodbye to. Whether it's lonelinness, addiction, fear, anxiety, depression or guilt, we would love to be free!What if this could be the last Christmas that those struggles plauged us? In this message, Doug helps us see how the first Christmas can make this the last Christmas that we are a prisoner to these struggles.

No Hope & Too Late

Doug Jansson


Description:We all have "no hope" and "too late" situations in our lives. These are the situations that don't stand a chance. It's the relationship that has no life, the dream that never came true, the financial burden we will never dig ourselves out of or the sickness we never seem to beat.In this one part message, Doug helps us see what Jesus is capable of in the midst of "no hope" and "too late" situations.

Zoomed Out (Part 3)

Doug Jansson


Description:It's amazing how we try to control things. Instead of waiting for God's timing on the right relationship, we often force the wrong one. Instead of trusting God to provide the finances we need, we work so much our spouse and kids don't remember what we look like. Instead of asking God to lead a huge decision about school or work, we do our own thing and hope for the best. Usually, all of these scenarios end the same way - a huge mess.In the last part of Zoomed Out, Doug reminds us why it's so important to wait for God's leading, provision and timing.

Zoomed Out (Part 2)

Doug Jansson


Description:It might be easy to believe that God is in control of the big things - presidents, kings and nations - but is He in control of the details of my life? Is He insterested in the things that keep me up at night? Are my fears, doubts and struggles on His mind?In Zoomed Out Part 2, Doug answers 2 questions: "Is God really sovereign over every little detail of my life?" "If He is, what difference should that make?"

Doubting Doubts

Andrew Muller


Description:When situations come up, we always have two choices in our heads. What school should I go to? Should I apply for that promotion? Should I teach my kids this way or that way? We have so many doubts that sometimes we may even find ourselves doubting God. But in all thes doubts, have we ever tried to doubt the doubt?In this one part message, Andrew shows us how to keep our faith in the midst of life's situations.

Won Outstanding Life

Pastor Pavone


Description:In this one part message, Pastor Pavone challenges us to follow the example of a follower of Jesus who lived "won outstanding life."

Zoomed Out (Part 1)

Doug Jansson


Description:The election has happened. Our nation is zoomed in on it! It seems like the only thing people are paying attention too. With some people unhappy, others happy and many uneasy, how does our nation move forward?In Part 1 of Zoomed Out, Doug helps us zoom out and see things from God's perspective. When we look through God's lens, we learn what to do and how to do it.


Joey Leuci


Description:The average person thinks thousands of thoughts a day. Some of these thoughts are nice, but others can make us a prisoner to anxiety.In this message, Joey guides us through some security check points we can put in place in our minds so that these thoughts don't take us captive.

Reorient (Part 4)

Doug Jansson


Description:It's easy to feel that when it comes to following Jesus, connecting with others and using our gifts to serve others are kind of less important than reading our Bibles or praying. What if that's not the case?! What if connecting and serving are vital for our relationship with Jesus?In Part 4 or Reorient, Doug helps us see that there are certain things that God has designed for us to receive and give that only come through connecting and serving. We also get to hear from some people who have had their lives greatly impacted through connecting and serving.

Reorient (Part 3)

Doug Jansson


Description:Some people love to worship God. They love music. Singing comes easy to them. They could sing their heart out all day and love every second of it. Others don't really enjoy it. Maybe they aren't musical. Maybe they just don't see the point.Whether you love it or dislike it, worship is really important. In Part 3 of Reorient, Doug talks about how and why we worship God.

Reorient (Part 2)

Doug Jansson


Description:Have you ever experienced God in an unmistakable way? If so, when was the last time? The truth is, there is nothing like seeing God do something amazing. How hungry are you for an up to date experience with God? In Part 2 of Reorient, Doug reminds us how important it is to encounter God and helps us see how to be the kind of people that experience Him.

Reorient (Part 1)

Doug Jansson


Description:Every once in a while we need to reorient ourselves. We need to ask some tough questions like - "Where is my life headed?" "What path am I on?" "Am I moving in the direction God wants me to be going?"In Reorient Part 1, Doug challenges us to make an important adjustment that will help us keep our lives centered around Jesus.

Baptism Stories

Doug Jansson


Description:This past Sunday night we celebrated 2 baptisms at our Baptism and Worship Night. We wanted to share Laura and Chris's powerful stories with you!


Pastor Pavone


Description:In this one part message, Pastor Pavone challenges us to trust that God ALWAYS has our best in mind.

Sdrawkcab (Part 3)

Doug Jansson


Description:With the Presidential Election around the corner it's very easy to get caught up in it all. Often without realizing it, we beging to act like our greatest allegiance is to our political party instead of to Jesus.This is a problem because it means we stop seeing the world through Jesus' eyes and instead see it as a Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Libertarian. This means we begin to treat others as issues instead of as people. This means that we aren't seeing things God's way or treating people the way Jesus calls us to. This means we are more excited about following a political system than we are about folowing Christ.In part 3 of Sdrawkcab, Doug talks about what it looks like to give Jesus our highest allegiance. He challenges us to interact with people from different ethnic and socioecomic backgrounds, the Pro Choice Community and the LGTBQ Community like Jesus would.

Sdrawkcab (Part 2)

Doug Jansson


Description:Sadly, Christians aren't known for running toward people who have messed up. Christians are known for running away. They're known for being angry and judgemental. This is backwards!In Part 2 of Sdrawkcab, Doug challenges us to love and restore the people around us who have fallen.